Hello folks.


My name is Michael Pousen.

Welcome to my website (where else? :-)

This is a place where I expose a few things which I created.
Meaning: You can discover here a few programs that I have been developing recently.
Have fun.


[Mau Mau] P's Mau Mau

Das beliebte Kartenspiel in einer Version für den PC, voll konfigurierbar, netzwerktauglich, mit einem eigenen Webauftritt.
Benötigt Win9x/NT4/2000
German language only (sorry!)

[Logik-Manager] P's Logik-Manager

helps you solving logic problems like Einstein's Problem.
It needs Win9x/NT/2000
The older version for MS-/PC-/DR-/Novell-/PTS- DOS Version 3 and above (or corresponding emulations) is still available.

[Switch] Switch

Braingame with 9 buttons.
It needs Win311, Win9x or Linux with Qt2

[Zahlenrätsel] Cipher Riddle

Which symbol represents what cipher so that no equation leaves remainders?
It needs Browser with JavaScript, e.g. MSIE 4.0 a.a. / Navigator 4.0 a.a. / Opera 5.0 a.a. / StarOffice 4.0 and above

[Pizza Puzzle] Pizza Puzzle

It needs Win9x, Linux, UNIX or Solaris

[Schiffeversenken] Sinking Ships

This well known game is now made using HTML forms (online, no download, no cookies, no scripting, no active components).
It needs browser that accepts forms, e.g. MSIE 3.0 a.a. / Navigator 2.0 a.a. / Opera 3.6 a.a. / StarOffice 4.0 and above


[HgrWxl] Background Changer

replaces the background picture of Windows by another one after a defined interval.
It needs Win9x

[MakeRes] MakeRes

makes a resource file out of existing files.
It needs Win9x/NT

[eMail-Crypt] eMail-Address-Coder

reformats an email address in a way that hides it from robots.
It needs Browser with JavaScript 1.2 enabled.

[Filector] P's Filector

allows to download series of files from the internet.
It needs Win9x/NT/2K

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